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Turn Up the Heat in Kitchens Everywhere!
Nothing sours a cooking mood like a stove that refuses to light up or heat properly. Whether it’s a Sunday roast or weekday pasta, your stove should always be up for the task. At Peak, we’re all about rekindling that flame.

We believe in our parts, which is why we offer a 3-month warranty on all replacements. Skilled hands deserve trust. We give you that with our 90-day labour warranty. So whether you need a gas stove repair or an electric stove installation just give us a call at (559)777-5080  or book an appointment online.
Common Stove Problems That We Solve:
  • Heating unevenly.
  • Burners not lighting up.
  • Gas burners take too long to ignite or not igniting at all.
  • Cracks or damage on glass stove tops.
  • Electric burners not turning on or getting too hot.
  • Indicator lights are always on or not functioning.
  • Knobs getting stuck, breaking off, or switches not regulating heat properly.
  • The door not closing securely or getting jammed.
  • Oven timers malfunctioning or not sounding off.
  • Clicking, buzzing, or humming sounds while the stove is on.
  • Excessive smoke or strange smells emanating during use.
  • The self-cleaning function not working or causing other issues.
  • Food cooking unevenly, indicating potential heat distribution problems.
  • Electronic controls display errors or malfunctions.

If your stove is exhibiting any of these signs or something else out of the ordinary, it's essential to consult a professional to diagnose and address the issue promptly.


Services Our Customers Frequently Request

We meticulously maintain records and analyze statistics, ensuring we're always well-prepared and informed for every appliance repair. This proactive approach allows us to continuously refine our expertise, offering you the best service possible.

  • Stove burner replacement
  • Glass stove top replacement
  • Electric stove burner replacement
  • Oven igniter replacement
  • GE oven heating element replacement
  • Samsung oven repair
  • Stovetop replacement
  • Bosch oven repair
  • Gas stove igniter replacement
  • Whirlpool oven heating element replacement
  • Frigidaire stove top replacement
  • Whirlpool glass stove top replacement
  • Viking stove repair
  • Electric stove installation

Did you know?

Based on the 12,000 stove repairs we've performed, we've made an interesting observation. A notable 62% of stove-related issues can be traced back to either malfunctioning heating elements or problematic ignition systems.

This statistic serves as a stark reminder of the criticality of regular burner and igniter checks for maintaining an efficiently functioning stove. Don’t let a sputtering burner disrupt your culinary adventures; trust our seasoned experts to keep your stove in top-notch condition!

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